Chiu-Fen Village
Five Goddesses Temple
Fishing Harbor
Suburban Wu - Feng
Autumn Woods
Do-Na Hot Spring
Port of KeeLung
Harvest Festival
A Scene Of Kaoshiung
Old house in Taipei 台北舊屋
Three Houses

Taiwan style described by the artist

Taiwan, the land where we live every day, our hometown. From the brick and tile in the Japanese Occupation period to the modern and prosperous urban architecture, the changes in the landscape all rely on the artist's keen observation, recorded stroke by stroke, allowing us to witness the scenery of Taiwan in the early years. The artist's description of Taiwan is not just a simple depiction of the scenery or architectural appearance of various places, but a deep historical exploration and humanistic experience of the local area. It is a promise to the land of "Taiwan" and a passion for the people and things of "Taiwan" hometown. . Whether it is the presentation of the paintings of parks, ancient houses, temples, cities, landscapes, tourist attractions, etc., they all have their historical background and meaning. Although the creative styles of the artists are not the same, through the scenes painted by the artists, we will be able to feel the charming humanistic features of Taiwan over time and the changes of the seasons, and feel the fullness of creation. energy.