About Sun Ten

Sun Ten Collection: A loving Taiwan heart, achieve a greater scene for the local art

A delightful story from the art collecting family

Dr. Hsu Hong-yen, a Pharmaceutical doctor, dedicates his whole life to advocating the faith of ‘Medicine heals the body, culture nurtures the soul.’ At that difficult time without any official support for building a modern art museum in Taiwan, Dr. Hsu dedicated his own power to support artists’ art creation as an entrepreneur and leave an abundance of artworks for Taiwan. After he passed away, his wife inherited his ambition and found the Sun Ten Art Museum to exhibit and promote these artists’ artworks. In the end, the family followed his final will, and donated more than six hundred pieces of artworks originally from Taiwan when it became a more suitable environment for art collection, for which the donation became an indispensable piece in Taiwanese art history.

The dedication of Hsu’s family corresponded to the policy of ‘Reconstructing Taiwanese Art History’ proposed by Cheng Li-Chun, the former minister of Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture. At the announcing moment by Hsu’s family, concerting efforts and overcoming obstacles from both government and people, Lee Yung-Te, the current minister of Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture, following the support and achieving such cultural heritage over half-century mission.

This exhibition came from the standpoint of a visionary and enthusiastic art collector, as well as a donor, appearing his broad-minded and ambitious art lover. There were 195 artists in the exhibition, and the age ranges spanned a century from the earliest 1871 to the latest 1989. He used his whole life to reach, support, and collect those artists’ artworks.