My only hope was to preserve these artworks and collect them as a set that will never be separated. These artworks are not just my own property, they belong to Taiwanese people, yet the collection proves my painstaking and willingness. --Dr. Hsu Hong-yen

This is a story of an art collector.

He said, “I may have fallen into eternal sleep, but I still continue to dream.”

He is a mortal with an extraordinary story.

Dr. Hsu Hong-yen was bound inextricably by two lots.

One was his contribution to Kampo medication, whose philosophy created a whole new page for traditional Chinese medicine. ----’Chinese patent medicine’

His achievement in Chinese patent medicine won him the title ‘Father of Scientific Oriental Medicine.’

Another one is Dr. Hsu’s belief that ‘medicine heals the body, culture nurtures the soul.’--- Art is also one of the best prescriptions for medical treatment.

Dr. Hsu was aware that art culture would sublimate the soul.

People were heart oriented, reflecting on the corporate mission of Conscience Pharmaceutical,

Each step of the pharmaceutical process is rooted in a commitment to the land, love and respect for human beings and life. --Dr. Hsu Hong-yen

Dr. & Mrs. Hong-yen Hsu

Dr. & Mrs. Hong-yen Hsu