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  • 2020
    ●Restoration, digitization, and preservation continue. ●Preparations for the “Oversea Treasures: Sun Ten Collection Homecoming Exhibition”.
  • 2019
    ●Gifts from artists: Six of John Chengʼs works including Kite and Cornered. Six works in total. ●June Chairman Hsu Chau-Shin signs a contract with the Ministry of Culture, stating that the collection will be donated to and preserved at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts free of charge. ●May 23 - June 2 Ministry of Culture Taipei Cultural Center in New York organizes the “Sun Ten Collection: A Homecoming Celebration”exhibition. ●June 2 – June 19 Sun Ten Museum collaborates with Taiwan Academy, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles in organizing“Drama and Exhibit,” which includes a series of talks on Taiwanese art at Bowers Museum and Taiwan Center of Greater Los Angeles. Talks are given by National Cheng Kung University professor Hsiao Chong-Ray and Sun Ten Museum director Chen Fay Long. ●July Representatives of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts travel to Sun Ten Museum to confirm the handover of the 671 donated works. ●August 9 The Sun Ten collection begins transportation at LAX airport and arrives at Taoyuan International Airport on August 11. The works are then transported to National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts for fumigation. ●August 12 The artworks are moved to storage at the working space of the Collection Vault. ●August 28 Under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts arranges a press conference on the collection. The press conference is coordinated by museum director Lin Chi-Ming and hosted by Minister of Culture Cheng Li-Chiun. ●September 7 President Tsai Ing-Wen inspects the Sun Ten collection. ●October National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts begins the restoration, digitization, and preservation of the works.
  • 2018
    ●September 22 Minister of Culture Cheng Li- Chiun makes a special trip to Sun Ten Museum and signs a letter of intent for the donation. ●November 2 The Ministry of Culture and Taichung City Government present the“Returning Home: Sun Ten Museum Donation and Taichung Prefectural Hall Park Reopening Press Conference” at the Taichung Prefectural Hall. Sun Ten Museum director Chen Fay Long hands over Liao Chi-Chunʼs Tamsui to Minister of Culture Cheng Li-Chiun, symbolling the donation. Minister Cheng and Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-Lung sign a letter of cooperation on the reopening of Taichung Prefectural Hall and announce major policies. ●Gifts from artists: Chen Fay Longʼs Blue Sky /Green Land. One work in total.
  • 2017
    ●May Chang Su Pao, the director of Taiwan Academy, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles, notifies the Ministry of Culture about plans to contact Sun Ten Museum about the donation. ●July Hsiao Tsung-Huang, director of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, travels to visit Sun Ten Museum Irvine, US for the proceeindings of the donation. ●November Chairman Hsu Chau-Shin visits National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.


  • 2004
    ●Due to Lin Rong-Deʼs interdisciplinary expertise in poetry, music, and painting, Chen Fei-Lung organizes an exhibition at Sun Ten Museum on April 10, 2004, with Hsu Chau-Shin as the provider of financial support. After the exhibition, Lin Rong-De donates works including Ocean Series and fle New Marine Museum. ●Purchases from artists: Leland Leeʼs Where is Jesus?. 16 works in total.
  • 2002
    ●Purchases from artists: Nien Su-Chen ʻs Forging Benedictory Relationships and Sowing Blessings. Two works in total.


  • 1999
    ●July 24 – December 5 Taipei Fine Arts Museum organizes the Together/To Gather: Sun Ten Museum Collection exhibition. ●Purchases from a Korean art dealer: Seven works from Liao Shiou-Pingʼs Sun Festival Series, Silence XII. ●Purchases from Chin Hsiu Cultural Enterprise : Wu Tso-Changʼs Steps. Nine works in total.
  • 1998
    ●Purchases from Lung Men Art Gallery: Li Su- Yingʼs Life Series: Resilience and Vitality #3/6. One work in total.
  • 1997
    ●Sun Ten Museum (Dr. Hsu Hong-Yen Memorial Art Museum) organizes the Hung Rui-Lin (1912-1996) solo exhibition “Another Taiwanese Miracle - Chunky Hung”. ●Donated by the Hung family: Hung Rui-Linʼs Human Figure Ⅲ , Human Figure Ⅳ , Human Figure Ⅴ, Human Figure Ⅵ, Miners II, Miners Ⅲ, Miners Ⅳ, Sailboat and Seagull, Scenery. Nine works in total.
  • 1996
    ●Purchases from Jia Art Gallery: Yeh Tzu-Chiʼs Ginger Lily and Red Camellia. ●Purchases from Hanart TZ Gallery: Yu Pengʼs Riding a White Horse with Knife and Five Women. ●Purchases from Sothebyʼs: Ishikawa Kinichiroʼs Kiso Mountain Village (Japan). Five works in total.
  • 1994
    Works enter the Sun Ten Museum collection after Dr. Hsu Hong-Yen passes away. ●Purchases from the artists: Chiang Chung-Shanʼs The Sediment of Caravaggio/Jesus Christ, White Building, Jesus Christ Cross. Three works in total.
  • 1993
    ●Ms. Hsu Lin-Run and their children establish the Dr. Hsu Hong-Yen Memorial Art Museum (later the Sun Ten Museum), which opens on October 23. ●October Mr. Chen Fei-Lung and professor Hsiao Chong-Ray co-organize and present exhibition“The New Art Movement of Formosa ” at Sun Ten Museum.
  • 1991
    ●Begins preparations for the establishment of the Sun Ten Museum. ●At the assistant of professor Chang Hsien-Chang, part of Dr. Hsu Hong-Yenʼs collection left in Taiwan were transported to Irvine, US, between July and August of 1991. 9 ●The commencement of the construction of building 9200, which was overseen by Dr. Hsu Hong-Yenʼs wife Ms. Hsu Lin-Run and eldest son Hsu Chau-Shin. The location would later become the site for Sun Ten Museum. ●Chen Fay Long creates Sculpture of Hsu Hong- Yen. One work in total.


  • 1990
    ●Commissions professor Shaih Li-Fa to edit The Twentieth Century Taiwanese Paintings, Volume One, published by US Oriental Healing Arts Institute. ●Purchased by the artist: Chen Fay Longʼs Speechless (Cocoon). One work in total.
  • 1989
    ●Purchases from Apollo Art Gallery: Chen Cheng-Poʼs Nude Woman, Chen Jing-Huiʼs Gentlewoman/Lady with Orchids, and Tseng Hsiao-Teʼs Fish. ●Purchases from Lung Men Art Gallery: Chen Hsing-Wanʼs Crease 8. ●Purchases from Lion Art Gallery: Shaih Li-Faʼs A Tree on the Mountain special A. ●Purchases from Howard Salon: Wang Mei-Shingʼs A Corner of Hsin-Kan. ●Gifts from Howard Salon: Jan Yang-Bingʼs Morning Glory. ●Purchases from the East Gallery: Li Chin-Hsienʼs Winding Path, Lin Hsien-Tsungʼs Chiu-Fen Village, Yim Mau-Kunʼs Church in the Mountains, Lo Mei- Chanʼs In the Gazebo (Port View), Shiy Der-Jinnʼs Food Stall. ●Purchases from Hanart TZ Gallery: Shen Yau- Chuʼs Watermelon and Loquat, Yu Cheng-Yaoʼs Landscape I, and Lo Mei-Chanʼs Landscape II. ●Purchases from Nan Gallery: Koo Chung-Kuangʼs Fruit (Grapes & Persim-mons). ●Purchases from National Taiwan Museum (exhibition): Lan Ching-Huiʼs Still Life on Table. ●Purchases from National Museum of Taiwan History (exhibition): Lan Ching-Huiʼs Ven-ice. ●Purchases from artists/artistsʼ families: Tsai Cao-Juʼs Streamside Delight, Vegetable Garden, and Tamsui, Chen Fay Longʼs Dawn, Du Ruo-Jhouʼs Summer Afternoon and Wedding, Chiang Shao- Yingʼs Afternoon at the Old Home, Lin Wen- Chiangʼs Girl and Port of Nice. ●Source unknown: Chan Chin-Shuiʼs Street in Chiu-Fen and Water Willow, Chang Wan-Chuanʼs Fish, Chen Cheng-Hsiungʼs Nude Female, Chen Hsiang-Yinʼs Young Girl Under Orange Trees, Jeng Tsai-Tungʼs Grandmother and Grandson, Chen Huei-Dungʼs European Scenery, Chin Sungʼs Field, Shiu Lan-Sungʼs Daxi Scenery and Daxi Suspension Bridge (Shimen), Huang Chao-Fangʼs Sister and Brother, Lan Jung-Hsienʼs Listening to the Tide, Li Jian-Yiʼs Monkey Family, Vivian Tsaoʼs The Clown, Wang Tsai-Tianʼs Sunflowers, Wang Wei Weiʼs Dark Shade, Wu Yung-Chinʼs Greenery, Yang Chien-Chungʼs Homage to Professor Liao, Yang Yung-Fuʼs Country-side (Houses by the Water), Yen Ye-Chengʼs Mountains and Rivers and Paradise Pan Chaur-Senʼs Fish-Selling Days and Autumn, Su Chia-Nanʼs Chiayi Park and Still Life Under a Lamp, Tsai Huai Shionʼs fle Dancer and Passing Time, Dennis Huang Girl. 55 works in total.
  • 1988
    ●Purchases from Lung Men Art Gallery: Bai Feng- Jhongʼs Chrysanthemum, Rose and Hollyhock, and Bird of Paradise Flower. ●Purchases from the East Gallery: Chang Chiu-Taiʼs Rosy in the Clouds and To Till and Weed, and Lin Shian-Moʼs fle Quiet Yard. ●Purchases from Nan Gallery: Chang Ping-Tangʼs Gate of Rites (Confucious Temple), Chang Ping-Nanʼs San Diego Lakeside and Flower and Vase (Flower). ●Purchases from Tai-Chi Gallery: Chang Yi- Hsiungʼs Nude Female. ●Purchases from Apollo Art Gallery: Hsiao Ju-Sungʼs Grass and Hung Rui-Linʼs Tamsui. ●Purchases from artists: Hsu Tz-Gueiʼs The Deep Sea World, T.F. Chenʼs Going Out at Daybreak, Taiwanese Icon Painting Series. ●Source unknown: Chiang Long-Fangʼs Still Liofe Before Window, Feng Teng-Chingʼs Chiu-Fen in Autumn, Liang Dan-Fengʼs White Rose, Ju Ming (Ju Chuan-Tai)ʼs Living World Series, Hsu Wu- Yungʼs Alley Memories, Longing, and Lin Yu- Shanʼs Grand Canyon. 19 works in total." ●Sun Ten Pharmaceutical is approved as a GMP pharmaceutical company by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. ●Becomes honorary advisor of Japan Asia Medical Association.
  • 1987
    ●Purchases from Howard Salon: Cheng Dai-Leʼs Forest Scene, Hsieh Ming-Changʼs Story of Red,Yellow, and Green (A View of the Back Door, and Yuan Shu-Jenʼs Nude Woman. ●Purchases from Apollo Art Gallery: Lan Ching- Huiʼs Still Life on Table, Chang Chen-Yuʼs Wax Apple and Guava. ●Purchses from the American Cultural Center: Hung Tongʼs Golden Ship and Matchmak-ing for the Fairy. ●Purchases from the East Gallery: Yim Mau-Kunʼs I-Lin (Pingtung Culture Park). ●Purchases from Nan Gallery: Lin Chih-Hsinʼs Washing Laundry at Dawn edition 22/50, and Yan Shuei-Longʼs Nude Woman. ●Purchases from Lion Art Gallery: Dong Ri-Fuʼs Kuan-Yin Mountain and Sunset, and Shaih Li-Faʼs A Tree on the Mountain 6P. ●Purchases from Our Art: Wu Cheng-Yenʼs Still Life (Persimmons) and Still Life. ●Purchases from Lung Men Art Gallery: Yang En- Shengʼs Loquats on the Table. ●Purchases from artists: Chen Huei-Tungʼs Ballerina and Young Fisherman, Feng Teng- Chingʼs Duck, Guo Dung-Rungʼs White Lighthouse, and Tsai Huai Shionʼs Familial A?ection. ●Source unknown: Chang Yi-Hsiungʼs Sun-day at the Park, Chiang Jui-Kengʼs Miners, three of Chiang Pao-Chuʼs works including Winter Morning View of the Seashore, Feng Teng-Chingʼs Cosmos and Chiu-Fen in Autumn, Hsu Chen- Chouʼs Turkey Ber-ry (Thorn Apple), Lin Shun- Shiungʼs Beach, and Tseng Pei-Yaoʼs Life Series-2. 32 works in total.
  • 1986
    ●Purchases from Lung Men Art Gallery: Hsieh Hsiao-Deʼs Big Mountain, Small House, Liu Max C.W.ʼs Fish Association and Guyu. ●Purchases from Lion Art Gallery: Liu Keng-I Peasant Woman, Shen Yau-Chuʼs Paddling of Ducks, Wu Li Yu-Geʼs Harvest Festival, and Dai Bi-Yinʼs Tabletop Fruit. ●Purchases from Apollo Art Gallery: Li Shih- Chiaoʼs Herd of Cattle and Hung Rui-Linʼs Cock Fight. ●Purchases from Pai Chia Gallery: Tzeng Mau-Huangʼs Pigeon Cage and Ou Hau-Nianʼs South African Waterfall. ●Purchase from The 7th Gallery: Yang HsingShengʼs Potted Flower. ●Source unknown: Hou Shou-Fengʼs Springtime and Harvest, Tzeng Mau-Huangʼs Fruit, Tseng Pei- Yaoʼs Life Series-1, and Wang Shou-Yingʼs Flower and Vase. 17 works in total.
  • 1985
    ●Purchases from Lion Art Gallery: Cheng Shan- Hsiʼs Green Forest, Jiang Jhao-Shenʼs Landscape: Huang-Yeh Village, Syu Guo-Huangʼs Spring Lights on Water, and Liu Keng-I Sunset Moment. ●Purchases from Pai Chia Gallery: Shih Ping-Hsiʼs Bamboo Forest II. ●Purchases from Lung Men Art Gallery: Wang Lanʼs Stage Clowns and Beijing Drama. ●Purchases from Howard Salon: Liao Shiou-Pingʼs Seine, Paris. ●Purchases from The 7’¹ Gallery: Yang Shing- Shengʼs Landscape I, Landscape II, Flowers and Vase I, Flowers and Vase II, and Three Small Houses. ●Purchases from artists or artistsʼ families: Ava Hsuehʼs Impressionistic Painting I and Impressionistic Painting II, Mei Dean-Eʼs Why Did the Violin Kill the Musician? and fle Sword Game. ●Source unknown: Lin Chih-Hsinʼs Happiness in the Fields, Wang Mei-Shingʼs California Harbour, and Weng Ching-Tuʼs Rivulet and Paddy Fields. 20 works in total.
  • 1984
    ●Purchases from Apollo Art Gallery: Lan Ching- Huiʼs Seaside and Beautiful Lake, Chiang Han- Tungʼs A?ection. ●Purchases from Lion Art Gallery: Chen Ying- Deʼs Fruits. ●Purchases from The 7th Gallery: Yang HsingShengʼs Autumn in the Small Town. ●Purchases from artists or artistsʼ families: Ni Chiang-Huaiʼs View of Dadaocheng and Woman Sitting (gifted), Guo Dung-Rungʼs Notre-Dame. ●Purchases from the son of Ni Chiang-Huai: Lan Yin-Dingʼs Seaside Sailboats and Fe-male Students. ●Source unknown: Hsieh Ming-Changʼs The Spring of Seahore Vine and Dazzle, Li Yi-Hungʼs Landscape, and Cheng Shan-Hsiʼs A Peaceful Year. 14 works in total."
  • 1983
    ●Comissions professor Shaih Li-Fa to edit The Twentieth Century Taiwanese Paintings volume one, which is published by US Oriental Healing Arts Institute. ●Purchases from Apollo Art Gallery: Shiu Kuen- Chengʼs Still Life (fle Taste of Western Wine) and Longan Season. ●Purchases from World Gallery: Lin Tian-Rueiʼs Ginger Lily. ●Purchases from Shida Fine Art Store: Yuan Jin- Taʼs Vegetable Association. ●Purchases from Spring Gallery: Yuan Jin-Taʼs Broom in the Backyard. ●Purchases from Lung Men Art Gallery: Jun T. Laiʼs Abstract Work. ●Purchases from the Simon Gallery California: Michell Huang A Group of Water Bu$aloes. ●Purchases from artists or artistsʼ families: T.F. Chenʼs Moonlight at the Lake, Cheng Shih-Fanʼs Industrial Processing Zone, Shaih Li-Faʼs New York, Liao Shiou-Pingʼs Leisure (Early Spring Leisure) and Stillness, Lin Tian-Rueiʼs Old House and Leisure, Kuo Hsueh-Huʼs Beauty Under the Moonlight, Twilight Snow, and Prosperity (gifted), Shaih Li-Faʼs New York, 12 of T.F. Chenʼs Don Quixote series and 11 of the Taiwanese Imagery series, and Hung Rui-Linʼs California Sunrise. ●Source unknown: Boonky Ho Corner of the House, Chen Ting-Shihʼs Day and Night/Sun and Moon, Chien Cheng-Hsiungʼs Female Nude (1) and Female Nude (3), Tsai In-Tangʼs Anping, Tzeng Mau-Huangʼs View of the Fishing Village and Fish and Cat, Richard Linʼs Painting, and Lin Tian- Rueiʼs flatched Hut and Sea. 52 works in total.
  • 1982
    ●Purchases from Tai-Chi Gallery: Chen Jeng- Hungʼs Night View of Kaohsiung, Chen Cheng- Hung Seaside Town and Woman from the Mountains, Chen Ruei-Fuʼs Fish Harbor, Dai Bi- Yinʼs Spanish Woman and Woman, Lai Chuan- Chienʼs A Village Path, Shen Che-Tsaiʼs Luxurious Clothing, Shih Bing-Shyiʼs Beach and Iron Gate, Tsai In-Tangʼs Botanical Garden, Lin Hsin-Yuehʼs Pigeon and Tree and Woman, Yang San-Langʼs Fruit and Nude Woman, and Wu A-Sunʼs African Woman. ●Purchases from Galerie Wien: Chen Cheng- Poʼs Hong-Wen Pagoda (A View of the Park) and Town of Suzhou, Chen Ching-Fenʼs The Street,Chen Dung-Yuanʼs To Cultivate Lands and Grow Crops, Hsu Chen-Chouʼs Peony, Kuo Po-Chuanʼs Cosmoses, Li Shih-Chiaoʼs Morning at the Park, Lu Tieh-Chouʼs Flowers and Birds, Shen Kuo-Jen Temples and Duona Hot Spring. ●Purchases from Apollo Art Gallery: Hung Rui- Linʼs Human Figure #7 and Human Figure #8, Li Yi-Hungʼs View of the Countryside, Li Shih-Chiaoʼs Rose, Lee Tze-Fanʼs Ke-Ya Creek (The Suburbs) and Pagoda, Wang Mei-Shingʼs Flower and Vase, and Wang Shou-Yingʼs Tree and Flower and Vase. ●Purchases from Ming-sheng Gallery: Chen Cheng-Poʼs Human Figure, Chen Jing-Huiʼs Farming Family, Kuo Hsueh-Huʼs Hibiscus, and Chen Chung-Wenʼs Tree Scene. ●Purchases from Astoria Café: Hsiao Ju-Sungʼs Vegetable Garden of the Back Yard, Suburb As Seen, and Suburb, and Hsu Chen-Chouʼs Fish. ●Purchases from Best Gallery: Lin Yu-Shanʼs Plum Flowers and Sparrows and Tiger. ●Purchases from Louis K Gallery: Yao Ching-Jangʼs Skyscraper (7602). ●Purchases from Nan Gallery: Chang Chi-Huaʼs Lakeside Home. ●Recommnded by Wu A-Sun: Liao Chi-Chunʼs Flowers and A Scene in the Park. ●Introduced by the Taichung Yen family: Lin Chih- Chuʼs A Hint of Spring. ●Purchases from artists or artistsʼ families: Chang Chi-Huaʼs Bombax, Chen Cheng-Poʼs After War (III), Chiang Ming-Shyan Autumn Atmosphere, Tamsui Riverside, and Night Song from the Fishing Boat, Chin Jun-Tsoʼs Moon, Syu Yu-Yanʼs Garden Cosmos, Kuo Po-Chuanʼs Fruits, Lai Wu-Hsiungʼs Penghu Seaside, Li Mei-Shuʼs Portrait of Mrs. Hsu, Spring Time in Kenting, Dawn (Daybreak by the River), and Pomegranate, Lu Ghi-Chengʼs Observing Sun from Mt. Chu, Sea of Clouds at Mt. Ta, and View from Mt. Ta, Liao Shiou-Pingʼs Window Plant Pot and Stillness (Maplel Leaf and Stone), Lin Chih-Chuʼs Mirages of the Colorful Pond, Wu A-Sunʼs A Family (African), Yan Shuei- Longʼs Lily, Yeh Huo-Chengʼs View of the Railway, Lo Ching-Yunʼs Betel Trees, T.F. Chenʼs Home in California and House, Shaih Li-Faʼs Buffalo Herd and Red Dirt House, Hung Rui-Linʼs Still Life Fruits, United States Scenery, Human Figure I, Ode of the Miners, Sunrise, Chen Cheng-Hsiungʼs Abstract I: Cheerful Hymn and Abstract II. ●Gifted by Alrert Hsu: Chen Chung-Wenʼs Rose and Still Life with Flowers. ●Source unknown: Chang Yi-Hsiungʼs Averrhora Carambolas and the Wax Apples (exchange), Chen Chengʼs A Creek, Chen Cheng-Poʼs Nude Maiden, Chen Cheng-Hungʼs Flower, Chen Te- Wangʼs Nude Female, Chen Dung-Yuanʼs A Flock of Chickens, Chen Yang-Chunʼs Jinguashi, Scene of Penghu, and Young Lady, Hou Shou-Fengʼs White House, Shiy Der-Jinnʼs Ferry Boats, Hsu Chen- Chouʼs Beauty Under the Moonlight, Koo Chung- Kuangʼs Ancient House in Penghu and Medicine Jars and Apple, Su Chiou-Dungʼs Fruit, View of Long Island, and Rose, Tsai In-Tangʼs Dahu Fayun Temple Trail, Liao Shiou-Pingʼs Late Autumn,Cherry, Joy, Afternoon Scholarly Gathering, 6/50 set of 12, Lin Shun-Shiungʼs Tiger, seven of Wu Haoʼs works including Clown, Old Taipei House,and Circus, Yao Ching-Jangʼs Houston II, Print 1, and Print 2. 129 works in total.
  • 1981
    ●Purchases from Tai-Chi Gallery: Three of Chang Ping-Tangʼs works, including Canal Scene and Rose, Chen Ching-Jungʼs Night View, Chiang Han-Tungʼs Nature of Simplicity, Dai Chin-Chinʼs Way, Lai Wu-Hsiungʼs Town of Chiu-Fen, Lee Tze- Fanʼs Looking Out Amid the Trees and View of the Pagoda, Shen Che-Tsaiʼs Corner of the Temple Yard and Landscape II, eight of Shih Bing-Shyiʼs works including Iron Gate and Bamboo Forest I, Wu A-Sunʼs Orchid and Landscape, and three of Yang San-Langʼs works including Seascape and Japanese Seascape, Li Shih-Chiaoʼs Lily. ●Purchases from Min-Sheng Gallery: Seven of Chang Wan-Chuanʼs works including White Building in the Suburbs of Madrid (Spanish Landscape) and Fish, Chen Ching-Kauʼs Boy Playing with Pigeons, Lan Yin-Dingʼs Scenery of Japan. ●Purchases from Apollo Art Gallery: Chen De- Wangʼs Yard, Gao Shan-Lanʼs Countryside. ●Purchases from Galerie Wien: Chen De-Wangʼs Landscape. ●Purchases from the Spring Gallery: Yuan Jin-Taʼs Wufei Temple. ●Purchases from exhibitions at the National Taiwan Museum: Hou Shou-Fengʼs Hakka Women Making Umbrellas. ●Purchases from the Los Angeles Dinner Party: T.F. Chenʼs California Seashore. ●Purchases from New York: Hilo Chenʼs Sunbather. ●Purchases from the Simon Gallery California:Michell Huang Grandma and Grandson, Girl in Red, and Grandma Toying with Flower (Grandma). ●Purchases from artists: Lin Chih-Chuʼs Taichung Park, six of Hung Rui-Linʼs works, including Coal Pit, East Coast, Coastal Boat of California (Yacht), Portrait of Miner: Uncle Kun, Miners, and Coal Miner, Guo Dung-Rungʼs Flower I and City of Water, Liao Te-Chengʼs Still Life and fle Ongoing Water in Autumn, three of Yang Chi-Tongʼs works including Wufeng Outskirt and Girl with Guitar,T.F. Chenʼs Tamsui Land-scape and gifted Flower,Guo Hsueh-Huʼs Red Mountain. ●Purchases through the recommendation/offer from Guo Dung-Rung: Yeh Huo-Chengʼs Castle and Sunshine (Italian Landscape) and Coast. ●Purchases from auctions: Lee Tze-Fanʼs Duck Breeder. ●Source unknown: Chang Wan-Chuanʼs Fish, Chiang Han-Tungʼs Playing, Yang San-Langʼs Lighthouse. 67 works in total.


  • 1980
    ●Purchases from Tai-Chi Gallery: Chang Yi- Hsiungʼs Landscape, Chen Jeng-Hungʼs Taiwanese House and Fish, Chen Cheng-Poʼs Reclining Female, three of Chen Ruei-Fuʼs work including Fishing Village and Seaside, Ho Chao-Chuʼs Still Life, Lai Chuen-Chienʼs Flower, Liao Chi-Chunʼs Landscape (Jerusalem), three of Shih Ping-Hsiʼs works including Landscape and Feeding the Sheep,Yang San-Langʼs Window, Liu Chi-Hsiangʼs Landscape (Checheng), three of Shen Che-Tsaiʼs workʼs including Vase and Nude, and Cheong Soo- Piengʼs Mother and Son. ●Purchases from Lung Men Art Gallery: Chen Yin-Hueiʼs Stone Lion in an Ancient City (Nepal), Ho Chao-Chuʼs Shiding Streamside I. ●Purchases from Apollo Art Gallery: Hung Rui- Linʼs Human Figure II. ●Purchases from artists: Chen Tsu-Mingʼs A Returned Boat at Yeh-lu and Seek, four of Chen Yung-Senʼs works including Moon Worship and Peony as well as two gifted calligraphy works, three of Chen Chinʼs works including In the Front of a Temple and Confucius Temple, Chen Yin-Hueiʼs Indigenous People, Ho Chao-Chuʼs Shiding Streamside II and Village, Li Mei-Shuʼs Mr.& Mrs. Hong-Yen Hsu and Daybreak at the Fish Market, Liu Chi-Hsiangʼs Woman in Red Dress and Still Life, Yan Shuei-Longʼs Returning the Herd, Lady from the Mountains, Boat (Lanyu), Chen Hui-Kunʼs Pont Neuf Paris and Quai de beffroi (BRUGGE), five of T.F. Chenʼs works including Chen and Matisse Studio, Harmony Between East and West, along with the gifted Mountains Indigenous Peoples V-80. ●Purchases from unknown galleries: Three of Chen Yin-Hueiʼs works including Mount Guanyin, Dawn in Toledo, and Sunset at Notre-Dame. ●Purchases from Guo Dung-Rung or Wu A-Sun: Liao Chi-Chunʼs Interior and Thomas Square in Venice. ●Source unknown: Shen Che-Tsaiʼs Girl Sitting Pose, Chang Yi-Hsiungʼs Girl, Wu Haoʼs Old House, Wu Dung-Tsaiʼs Fishing Port, Dorothy Hamiltonʼs Abstract, Yan Shuei-Longʼs Paris. 61 works in total.
  • 1979
    Hsu Hong-Yen begins systematically collecting works by renowned 20th-century Taiwanese painters. ●Purchases from Tai-Chi Gallery: Five of Chang Yi-Hsiung’s works including Parisian Street Scene, Blossoms, and Harbor, Chang Ping-Nanʼs Spring in the Suburbs, Chen Cheng-Hungʼs Still Life, Chen Ching-Jungʼs Nude, Ho Chao-Chuʼs Still Life, Xi Mu-Rongʼs Mother and Son and Little Girl, Lai Chuan-Chienʼs At Play, Shen Che-tsaiʼs Autumn, Shih Ping-Hsiʼs Family of Oyster Openers, and Wu A-Sunʼs Old House. ●Purchases from artists: Chen Yin-Hueiʼs Tainan Confucious Temple and Orchid, Li Shih-Chiaoʼs New York Ferry and Autumn View, Wang Shuang- Kuanʼs Lukang Longshan Temple and Snack Shop, four of Wu Dung-Tsaiʼs works including Tree Shade and Pondside, six of Yang San-Langʼs works including Mountain and Sea and Tree and River. ●Purchases from unknown art galleries: Chen Yin-Hueiʼs Wufeng Lin Family Mansion, French Scenery, Shiding. 8 ●urchases from the Yang Family: Tsai Yung-Mingʼs Fish. ●Source unknown: Chang Yi-Hsiungʼs Les Champs-Élysées. 37 Works in Total.


  • 1970
    ●Collects Lan Yin-Dingʼs Taiwanese Countryside (scenery of Qishan farming region). One work in total.


  • 1953
    ●The first collected work was by Liao Chi-Chun. 1 Tamsui was a gift from Liao. The second collected work was Bird and Flower by Chen Yung-Sen. The third collected work was Taiwanese Countryside by Lan Yin-Ding.2


  • 1946
    ●The addition of Guo Dung-Rungʼs Spring of Hope and Parisian Monastery, which were sent from Toyko to Taiwan by Guo.4 Two works in total.