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Sun Ten Art Museum

The Sun Ten Art Museum was a life effort founded by the first Taiwan Pharmaceutical doctor Hsu Hong-yen. Under the suggestion by his friend Liao Chi-Chun, Dr. Hsu started systematically collecting Taiwanese artists’ artworks, which were 30 years advanced from the Taiwan government's official modern art museum establishment.

 Dr. Hsu believes that ‘medicine heals the body, culture nurtures the soul.’ His collections of Taiwanese artists' artworks were the firmest and most touching statement for Taiwanese culture and history. Dr. Hsu's intention of collecting only Taiwanese artworks was to keep them temporarily for the Taiwanese people. Because one day, these artworks will return to their hometown, Taiwan.

In 2019, with the efforts of his sons and daughters and others, nearly 670 pieces of art treasures including a large number of documents and historical materials, returned to Taiwan. At the historical moment of “Reconstruct Taiwan Art History,” the last piece of the Taiwan Art puzzle has been completed as so as Dr.Hsu’s last wish.